Hey Y'all! I'm Heather Alyssa Faulkner. I'm just a girl who loves Jesus, my hunky husband, being a mommy, and photography in every form.

I'm a super messy housewife, BUT I can cook & bake.... so who cares if the laundry pile is as tall as my kids... right? I absolutely hate coffee. It's disgusting, and that much caffeine makes me feel like my eyeballs are vibrating. Give me all the tea though! Sweet Iced, Hot Herbal, Green Matcha, or Iced Chai & I am a happy lady!  

For a long time I tried to fit into a form or box or certain genre of photography, but the truth is.... I love it all. So I would love to be your photographer whether you need commercial photos of your business, wedding photography, or just photos photos of you and your little ones.


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