About a week ago Amanda at Hot Southern Mess Boutique contacted me to be part of an amazing project that immediately captured my heart. She wanted to launch a campaign in collaboration with Corporate Clothing USA to raise money for victims of the Orlando shootings while promoting the message that faith is stronger than fear. I could not say "no."  So many people in Orlando have lost their loved ones, and our nation seems to be focused on the political side of things. My Savior calls me to love, and by being a small part of this t-shirt campaign, maybe I can shine some of His love to others. All proceeds from the sale of the "Can't Shake my Faith" t-shirts will be donated to the families of the Orlando victims. T-shirts are $28 and can be purchased directly from Hot Southern Mess Boutique at 3501 Tazewell Pike, Knoxville, TN. Please join us in spreading His love and mercy to all. This world may fall, but our faith shall remain strong.