Prom Season//Heather Faulkner Photography 2016 - Prom//Knoxville, TN

This prom season has been incredible!  Not only because I have had some of the most wonderful clients, but also because I have been able to work with several of these girls over the past few years and watch them grow into these beautiful young women.  I am very blessed to have had the privilege to photograph all of these individuals during one of the most exciting and anticipated times of their lives. Thank you for letting me be a part of this time and do what I love!

Big thanks to our glam team here at Heather Faulkner Photography for all their hard work and long hours during prom season!  We love these girls and are very proud of all they do to make these girls feel special.  Here is some of their work! (click on their names to view more of their work)